Sunday, March 25, 2007

being sick stinks

well, i am still on the antibiotics for the strep. feeling better but still not totally myself. the thing that really sucks about being out for so long is the back log. 10 mintes before church started and i realized about 50 things that i needed to have done before today arrived that never got done. phone calls that got started, but never completed... phone calls that never got made at all.

and there were a host of things out of place. a whole piece of music was missing from the altar that i use every sunday. (5 times now i've done this particular one and i still go flat in the one part.) i had to run out of the church and down to my office to find another copy of it and wound up grabbing the whole book for one page of chanting.

the silent prince came with me this morning. he usually goes with hubby, but i took him today. that threw me off a little. i didn't make it into my office before church and so i didn't see all the things that would have reminded me of things i needed to have...

and then he peed on the woman who was watching him. she had to get up in the middle of my sermon to change him. i almost ran home to get her dry pants... but since i had already left the santuary once for something i had forgotten i let her suffer through wet pants for the rest of the service. bless her heart.

and i've been neglecting posting my sermons on-line. something i was doing religiously (pun intended) for quite some time. so i'm going to do it now.

here's the link and the last several weeks of sermons.

God's peace y'all

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classi_college_dude said...

Keep your chin up! I'm sure no one really cared, and if they what? You're sick and you deserve to be a little clutter-minded.

Stay well-rested...Holy Week is just six days away! Hope all is well...we're less than completely put together here, but we will be, God willing!

By-the-by, I loved the latest sermon (Lent 5)...which is completely ironic considering what went down the last time I heard you preach in person!

"and vivian followed."

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