Thursday, March 29, 2007

a pobble present and other birthday goodies

for my birthday this year i am getting the pobble for a present! she arrives between 6 and 6:30 tonight (unless traffic is horrific) to spend the weekend with me. as we were im'ing about it she told me that she was going to be my present... and i am more than happy with that.

hubby's present for me arrived yesterday... a new hot pink cell phone and bluetooth earpiece with matching pink streak. his bluetooth was a christmas present and i've been jealous of him ever since.

tomorrow night my parents will take us all out for dinner at the chinese buffet. i really wanted mexican, but the kids won't eat mexican and besides... i can have mexican on saturday for my actual birthday since the pobble also said she would cook... and she can make mexican.

i will be 37 which is still young... but it's as old as i've ever been. last summer vacation my uncle made the comment that i was pushing 40. i gave him as hard a time of it as i possibly could and i am pretty certain that i embarrassed him... after all, if i am pushing 40 that makes him OLD.

this growing up thing still feels weird to me. how was it that i came to be pushing 40? i don't feel like i'm pushing 40... and is it possible to push 40 away?

in the meantime i have been growing my hair for locks of love. i've been saying that i was going to cut it by my birthday whether or not i had enough hair. after a while the ponytail gets boring and i yearn for the short cut which gives me no options on the question of how to wear my hair today. i might have 11 inches if i go very short... but hubby has been pretty adamant about wanting me to have long hair so i will probably go yet another month before doing any chopping.

now it is time to get back to work so i have lots of time to celebrate my birthday weekend!

God's peace y'all


dondon009 said...

The Pobble as a birthday present... I can't thing of anything better than that... unless of course she were to jump out of the birthday cake!

Did you say 37? You are still a youngster..... I can'te recall ever being that young, but I must have been..... after all, here I am looking at retirement on the horizon.

I wish you a Very Happy Birthday, dear lady and enjoy the Pobble this weekend.


BostonPobble said...

I would swear we were still somewhere between 16 and 21, dancing around your room, writing on walls, looking at owls, still standing, singing White Christmas and finding new and interesting ways to become Happy. Aren't we????

Just let me know which one(s) of my Mexican dishes you want and it's YOURS!

Now I have to go pack so I can get there already!!!!

More than my luggage, Lovely Cats....

"and vivian followed."

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