Thursday, March 22, 2007

oh bugger

so the silent prince has a gate on his bedroom door. we have it there so that we know when he is upstairs he's safe and not getting into things.

today i put him in his room, shut the gate, and went to take a shower so i could go to work. i bathed, got dressed, put on some make-up, and walked down the hall to my closet in order to find my shoes. my closet is in between the kids' rooms and i happened to turn and look into the princess kitty's room and guess who was standing there...

... that's right! the silent prince! little bugger.

so i picked him up and put him back in his room then proceeded to watch as he threw his little leg over the gate and pulled himself over.

life as i know it is over.

and then there is my grandmother, who turned 100 at christmas. you may remember that i wrote about her and my uncle having cancer. my uncle is doing very well, but my grandmother's tumor is growing despite the radiation treatments. the tumor is next to her eye and if left unchecked will rot her face... an unpleasant and awful way to die. so she will be having surgery to remove part of the tumor.

i think it is best, if the tumor were anywhere else in her body, doing anything else... i might feel differently, but it is not somewhere else or doing something else. it is rotting away her face... that beautiful face that smiles and laughes.

her name is pansy so if you would... please keep her in your prayers, good thoughts, and or whatever it is that you do to connect with God or some higher power.

and God's peace y'all


BostonPobble said...


On so many levels.

Quotidian Grace said...

((cats)) and ((Pansy)).

Prayers arising.

RickinVa said...

Prayers away...

"and vivian followed."

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