Friday, March 09, 2007

birthday weekend

hubby's birthday is monday. since we have no money for any gifts i hatched a plan to invite two of his favorite friends up to visit for the weekend. on sunday i was whispering to my mom that they were coming up when hubby appeared, on the phone with his mom, and said, "my mom's coming up for my birthday. is that ok?"

well, of course it was ok, but it threw me big time and i think his mom (hi mom) and he were a bit concerned that maybe i didn't want her around.

so i gave in and told hubby that they were coming. mom's waiting until tomorrow to come up so we would have tonight just with them and we would have the chance to clean the house.

in the meantime, the princess kitty has decided that we MUST have a birthday party at a restaurant for daddy. since our lives are really about her... we will be going to the chinese buffet (hubby's favorite) for dinner sunday night. when my mom called and asked if they could just meet us at our house afterwards, i said, "no, this is about the kitty, not hubby and she wants a party for daddy."

so i did home repairs today... including fixing the toilet that wouldn't stop running. in the process there is now another leak. it's a small one and manageable until the big weekend is over and i now have the parts to fix it. i'm a bit tired of plumbing at the moment anyway.

my hands are also blue. yes, blue. no, they aren't sad... they are actually blue. hubby put one of those bowl cleaners in the tank which makes the water blue every time you flush it. of course this meant that my hands were in it as i worked on the tank. surprisingly very little else is blue... and honestly, i only have a few blue spots left on my hands.

so that was the day... think i will go get a hard mike's and wait for b&c to show up for the festivities to begin.

God's peace y'all


BostonPobble said...

so how did it go?

dondon009 said...

OMG my toilet's been running for weeks, can you please fly down to Florida and fix it for me?

I'm too embaressed to call a plumber and I'm sure the landlord will come knocking when she gets the water bill! UUGH.....

"and vivian followed."

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