Tuesday, May 15, 2007

getting paid

a few posts ago i mentioned that i was offered to audition for a worship resource with my denomination's publishing house for a new, not-yet-named web resource. at the same time as i received the offer to audition i also put my name in the hat to write for another of their worship resources. this all came about because i sent in a worship service i wrote that sat on the desk of the person who reviews such things for several months. she read it 3 times wondering how they could use it.

well, yesterday i received a call from said person who, based upon the service that sat on her desk for 6 months, offered me a small free-lance gig for the worship book that is published annually.

i am going to get paid for writing something!!!

this is and has always been a dream for me. and i am thrilled!!!

now i have to start scheduling time to really sit and write. i have to finish the audition piece in the next week to submit it and then as soon as i get the details of this new gig i need to begin work on it. and this doesn't even include the 2 novels that i am still working on.

oh, and here's the sermon from mother's day... hope all you moms had a happy!

God's peace y'all


BostonPobble said...

Lovely Cats ~ THE WRITER!

CrackerLilo said...


"and vivian followed."

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