Thursday, May 31, 2007

just turned 8 and she thinks she rules the world

the birthday party was a success, impromptu as it may have been. the pobble was a big suprise (sorry dondon, no pictures of her in a bathing suit and spiked heels). and i got 6 extra free cupcakes because they neglected to tell us they couldn't provide vanilla when hubby made the order then sent him home with all chocolate. (yes, i complained, yes, i told them they were ruining my daughter's birthday party and that they needed to provide me with 6 vanilla cupcakes. amazingly enough there were plenty of packages of vanilla cupcakes at the store on tuesday.)

of course now that she's 8 she believes that bedtime should be 9:30 instead of 9:00. apparently she has friends whose parents let them stay up until all hours of the night. honestly, i love it when the kids finally go to bed and i can just be me for awhile.

fyi: i am writing this as she sits on the guest bed in the computer room asking me what time it is about every 8 seconds.

poor princess kitty got sick on tuesday and the substitute teacher wouldn't let her go to the nurse... the sub did however let her eat one of the cupcakes i brought for her class (that i bought on sale because they made so many extra vanilla for the rest of the world). she missed school yesterday, but went back today. too much excitement for a little tummy i supose.

this weekend is my mom's birthday. the older her grandchildren get the older she gets too. she and my dad will be here sunday to celebrate. i'm working on a suprise. say a prayer it works... especially you mom, if you are reading this.

in the meantime i have a second deadline. something like 5,000 words by july 2. i'm writing in between every other thing i do. the first deadline is about 2 weeks after, about half the writing, and perhaps not as difficult an assignment as the second. this is what i get for wanting to write and actually have someone pay me to do it.

oooh... it's now 9:03 pm. time to wrangle the 8 yr old princess kitty into bed and then i think i will pour myself a drink and watch a scary movie from

God's peace y'all


BostonPobble said...

Did it work? And what was the movie?

There are SO MANY reasons *I'm* the photographer in the family. ;)

2 Dollar Productions said...

It sounds like the party was a success, and good luck with the deadline as those can be hairy and brutal.

That being said, there is a kind of white energy you ride while getting there that is kind of fun. But not really.

"and vivian followed."

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