Thursday, May 03, 2007

the lazarus phone

in the bible, lazarus is one of jesus' friends, one of his best friends in fact. shortly before jesus goes to jerusalem to be crucified he gets a message from lazarus' sisters, mary and martha, that he is very sick and dying. they tell him to come right away, but jesus waits before going to bethany to see them. by the time he gets there lazarus is already dead, for 4 days.

in their grief both sisters tell him that, "if you had been here our brother would not have died." it's an impressive statement of faith. it's also the story in the bible (the king jame's version at least) that contains the shortest verse in scripture: "jesus wept."

jesus goes to his friend's tomb, tells them to roll away the stone, and then calls to lazurus to "Come Out!" and he does!

so yesterday hubby and i took the kids to play in the backyard before bath time. when it was time to come in i suggested that we throw their sneakers in the washer and dryer. they were pretty dirty and the silent prince had managed to step in the dog poop i had neglected to clean up from the back yard.

now hubby does all the laundry (yes, i am a lucky woman) so i hand him the sneakers, we strip the kids and he gets the rest of the laundry from upstairs to make a full load. somewhere in the process i had taken off the sweater that i had been wearing and tossed it over the arm of a chair because i had gotten hot. i got the kids in the bath and ran down to get it because now i was chilly. it wasn't there.

"hubby, where's the sweater that i had right here?"

"i put it in the wash."


hubby made a mad dash down the steps to get the cell phone and i poured another drink. my brand new hot pink cell phone (which i hadn't insured) was filled with water.

it was dead. it was a bath toy. bath... the kids were in the tub! back upstairs i went, the tub was filled with bubbles and the kids were still alive.

later i went on-line to see if there was any way to upgrade a phone that i had owned for about 1 1/2 months. nope. called cingular. the very nice woman at cingular told me that i was sunk, but that she had once dropped her phone in a glass of water and it had dried out and worked again. i could also buy a new phone at retail. the cheapest they could offer with the blue tooth was $99.

after a conversation with hubby, where the phrases, "i hate you" and "i love you" both came out of my mouth, he told me to go ahead and get the new phone for $99. i called cingular back... they were closed. i went on-line, but i couldn't just buy a new phone without getting some sort of package... which i didn't need. i would have to wait until this morning to call cingular back to get the phone.

so this morning i go downstairs to get my morning cup o' tea and just for the heck of it i decide to try putting the battery back in the phone (which still has lots of condensation) and see if it will turn on.


it's like a miracle!

now onto the next technological problem... how to watch both grey's anatomy and er tonight when they are both on at the same time and i don't have TiVo.

God's peace y'all and always remember to check your pockets before doing the wash.

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classi_college_dude said...

oh...and don't do dishes while talking on the phone...i've found that's the surest way to end up with a drowned phone...

"and vivian followed."

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