Saturday, April 12, 2008

driving observations

i had a road trip yesterday to pennsylvania. i stopped and visited the parents of my soon-to-be-adopted godchild and then went to visit a college friend and her intended to do a pre-marital visit with them.

there were a few things i noticed on the trip there and back.

1. i am not a timid or slow driver. if you really feel you need to pass me, you are driving too fast. slow the you-know-what down and get off my butt.

2. the left lane is for passing. if you are steadily going the speed limit or slightly under it, get out of the left lane.

3. north jersey smells. especially around exits 13&14 of the new jersey turnpike. yesterday it smelled like someone had made a salad of rotten eggs and old socks then dressed it with petrol.

4. the north jersey smell can penetrate into your car even if you have all the windows shut and no fans blowing. breathing through your mouth helps, but only enough to keep you from gagging.

5. the sign over the george washington bridge that said i wasn't allowed to take pictures while driving across the bridge is missing (either that or i missed it.) this might mean the end of my dream to get a picture of that sign someday.

6. new york needs to turn off their street lights during the day. they are useless during the daytime, even when it is overcast.

7. i hate, with a passion, driving at night in the rain. this might not have been so bad in new york if perhaps the street lights that were on during the day were also on at night.

8. spending almost $100 on gas just to see a few friends for a short time is still worth it.

God's peace y'all


Jacklyn Hyde said...

Bless your dear heart and driving skills!

kristi said...

I am glad you had fun! Driving in traffic stresses me out!

"and vivian followed."

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