Wednesday, September 21, 2005

7 more things

so i am im-ing with the boston pobble while she is im-ing with a friend in texas who is trying to convince his parents to evacuate... not very successfully i might add. please say a prayer and read her post.

and the question comes up between us: "what would you take if you had to evacuate?"

so, here are my 7 things (not including my family, clothes, and food) that i would throw in the saturn (recognizing of course that most of my list wouldn't fit once the princess kitten packed her bags).

1. lots of diapers and wipes (we are still potty training the silent prince)
2. my wedding album
3. my laptop
4. my bunny (my oldest stuffed animal)
5. my great-grandmother's silver (i'd love to take the china, but even in catopia it wouldn't fit in the car.
6. a necklace that i almost always wear which was made from a stone from the pobble.
7. the "willow tree" nativity my mother-in-law gave me last christmas.

no, i wouldn't take a bible... that's what the laptop is for.

now... what would YOU take?

and continue to offer prayers and financial support to disaster relief programs. my favorite is linked to the right and here.


BostonPobble said... the dog part of the family? I know you live in catopia but...

Becky Ardell Downs said...

My parents have a beach house in Galveston, which they've had for like 9 years. We've had a few days to talk about what we would have saved from it, if we could have gotten there. At this point we're pretty sure it'll be gone in a few days, but you never know. Anyway, the things that came to mind were these:
1. the painted wooden fish-- most summers when we go down everyone paints a fish-- about 8 inch flat wooden cutouts made by Dad-- and they are hung on the wall. The fish go back to when our kids were babies, and include contributions from lots of close friends and family who have visited.
2. the record album collection-- Dad and Lee's combined albums-- everything from original Broadway soundtracks to Bob Dylan to the Todachuk Sisters, including a few from my own childhood and youth.
3. DH Mark says the boat.
4. Sweet daughter Lizzie says "the kitchen stuff", meaning the little plastic dishes the kids use to play "restaurant". And the sound-activated tacky dancing hula girls, one of which Lizzie brought from Hawaii last summer.
5. Photo albums, but Lee says they actually have copies of most of the pictures.

Miracle of miracles, Lee told me that she actually brought the hula girls home with her last time she was there, so they're safe. The rest is likely gone with the winds to come.

HeyJules said...

Hey, great question! Not counting the dog (because that is a given) I'd say:

1) My most favorite CD's
2) My box of photos
3) The hand carved owl that my parent's friends made for me
4)My shamrock plant that has actually survived at my hands for over three years now
5) My yoga mat
6) My favorite bed pillow
7) All the books I could shove in the trunk

scribble said...

all the pets
important papers.
photo albums
food, water
both cars
a computer

"and vivian followed."

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