Friday, September 02, 2005

100 things about me

inner dorothy created a list of 100 things about her and i just loved it. so here are 100 things about me.

1. i am my own person
2. i am a she
3. i am a daughter
4. of two wonderful parents
5. i am a sister
6. who loves her brother
7. and his wife
8. i am a wife
9. who has an amazing husband
10. my daughter is my joy
11. my son is my peace
12. my daughter is a diva in training
13. she is 6, like eloise
14. my son has developmental delays
15. he has said "mama" once
16. i do not have a biological sister
17. but i have a friend who is closer than a sister to me
18. i love my mother-in-law
19. my father-in-law died before i met my husband
20. i never met him
21. and yet i miss him
22. my father is a luteran pastor
23. my mother is a pastor's wife
24. i am a luteran pastor
25. and a pastor's wife
26. i once said i never wanted to be a pastor
27. or a pastor's wife
28. i've learned to be careful never to say never
29. i do it anyway
30. i have a dog
31. her name is 'ohana
32. i named her after a line in the movie lilo and stitch
33. i have two cats
34. i didn't name them
35. I let my daughter name them cinderella and jasmine
36. cinderella was the first book i ever read
37. i wish i still had the book
38. i believe in God
39. i believe in God even when i worry there isn't one
40. i wish more people would believe in God
41. i know what it's like to not be able to afford diapers
42. i am glad i can afford diapers now
43. i am just like my mother
44. and i am glad that i am
45. my favorite tv show of all time is buffy the vampire slayer
46. my computer is a pagan
47. i don't know why
48. i don't believe in tolerance
49. i believe in unconditional love
50. i am a hippy at heart
51. except i love to bathe
52. i miss my best friend
53. we haven't talked in years
54. but i still believe she is my best friend
55. i was there when her mother died
56. my husband, sister-friend, and best friend have all lost a parent
57. it has changed me
58. i always have a cup of tea in the morning
59. i got this habit from my mother
60. i suffer from depression
61. i know too many other people who suffer from depression
62. i grew up in philly
63. it will always be home
64. i love where i live now
65. i wish i was musically inclined
66. i am writing a novel
67. i always wanted to be a writer
68. i am an extovert
69. but i am also incredibly shy
70. most people don't believe that i am shy
71. i once went skinny-dipping
72. it was with my mother
73. i love the smell of my children
74. my favorite curse word is also another word for cat
75. i curse like a salior
76. i try not to, but sometimes it happens
77. my secret fantasy is to be a rock star
78. i am a type b personality
79. who wishes she were a type a
80. i have broken promises
81. i believe in forgiveness
82. i love scary movies
83. i can't sleep with my back to the side of the bed
84. i genuinely like myself
85. that has not always been true
86. if i could travel anywhere it would be to africa
87. I believe chocolate is a food group
88. i think people who don't like chocolate are weird
89. i want people to like me
90. but i don't need them to
91. i love my job
92. i hate working
93. i am good at what i do
94. but i still worry that i may be a hack
95. i do not have a favorite holiday
96. my favorite color is blue
97. i'm getting sick of blue
98. i want the last 3 things about myself to be impressive
99. i know they won't be
100. my only piercings are from the neck up

and there you have it. 100 things about me and now that i have written them i can think of a million more... but then there is always tomorrow...


Jacklyn Hyde said...

101. You are such a genuinely good friend that people whose lives you touched years before still want to be a part of your life.

We MUST find a way to meet up again! You've never met my fiance and I've never met your son!

Qivan said...

You are blowing every stereotype of pastors that I have. I relate to wanting the last three things to be impressive.

"and vivian followed."

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