Friday, September 02, 2005

let's talk about sex

a few weeks ago the evangelical lutheran church in america made some decisions about gay people. now, this shouldn't suprise anyone since homosexuality seems to be the "in" topic in all the churches. it also shouldn't suprise many that the decisions that were made said very little. it's taken me this long to really express my disappointment that my denomination would only say that we would continue to try and find ways to welcome and accept glbt's (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people) in our congregations but then voted to not bless their relationships or allow glbt's in relationship to serve as ordained clergy in our churches.

and really, disappointment is a weak way to discribe how i feel about it all. profound sadness might be better, though still not enough.

we lutherans have found another way to be middle of the road, without even standing on the road. in other words we've said nothing new and acted like it was all new. ah well...

i think the first problem was that the church decided to talk about sex, but only homosexual sex as if it should be an issue unto itself. it allowed straight people to remain on a moral high ground and look down on "those other people." we studied them like they were things to put under a microscope, but in the process we forgot to look at ourselves and our own sexual failings as heterosexuals.

we spent a lot of time on scripture that dealt with homosexuality, which by the way, at its clearest, only describes sexual acts between people of the same gender, not actual homosexuality or homosexual relationships. to be clear... the bible never, ever says that homosexuality is a sin only that certain sexual acts between same gendered people are sinful.

scripture is filled with stories of sex, blood, and violence. it is really a crazy book when you think about it. but we often skip over the parts that confuse us and go straight (pun intended) to the parts that "allow" us to morally judge the other. for example... why aren't the "religious people" of the world up in arms about things like adultery which is all over our culture and clearly listed as one of the commandments and sooo warrior like when it comes to two people who love one another and want that relationship blessed by God?

christians, or people who claim to be such, often use the bible as a book of judgement so long as they can use it to judge someone else. jesus spends more time talking about money than any other subject in the gospels, but we like money. he never says anything about homosexuality, but see where we focus? see the connection?

yes, i know that this is my perspective and my reading and my interpretation, but i also believe it to be a valid one. and those who know me and disagree with me also know that i have spent a great deal of time learning how to respect and appreciate different opinions and interpretations (especially of scripture.)

so, i want to talk about sex and i'm gonna in our adult forum this september and hopefully debunk some of the myths i believe are perpetuated in our society and our churches. i'll try to share some of what happens in the class on this blog.

in the meantime, remember not to judge... if you want to throw stones make sure you aim them at yourself before casting them on someone else.


Bella said...

I absolutely agree with you. I am not religious anymore (raised as a Jehovah's Witness), but that, along with certain issues between the ways I feel women and men are treated caused me to drop it all in the first place. I learned about all these issues (prejudice in religion concerning sexual orientation and a person's sex) in a class I took this summer. The teacher put up a quote which immediately became my favorite.

"We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another."
~ Jonathan Swift

Qivan said...

What a refreshing, yet fair insight. As a gay person, I can't believe that someone with infinite wisdom would see me as less or worse, evil, over something I never made a choice over. I think God must be bigger than something so trivial, if there is a God.

"and vivian followed."

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