Thursday, September 01, 2005

my first husband

i once knew a woman who used to introduce her husband of twenty years as: "this is bob, my first husband..."

today is my 9 year anniversary of marriage to hubby. it's incredible to imagine such a thing. my maternal grandparents were married for 71 years when my grandpop died and that's even harder to fathom.

i remember one of my aunts saying, in regards to my g-parent's long life together, that when they wrote the wedding vows they didn't expect people to live that long.

9 years and two children, both of which start school today. the princess kitten begins 1st grade and the silent prince returns to special ed pre-school for his developmental delays.

how does one say thank you to their partner for 9 years of love and committment? well, we'll go to breakfast together and perhaps find some other quiet time during the day. (ahhh, i love back to school.)

but really; i love him and thank God for him. we've hit the age in our lives when all our friends are getting divorced and that just reminds me how lucky i am... how blessed i am to have him even when it hasn't been easy.

so thank you, my love for the last 9 years and the 2 1/2 before it... for being my friend, my partner, my lover, my shoulder, the father of my children, my best critic, and my best pick me up.

with all my heart; i love you.

(and yes, that's a picture of us taken shortly after our daughter was born. it's always been my favorite one of us.)


RickinVa said...

Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. cats...


9 years is just a beginning...

Mrs. BH and I will celebrate 25 in June. That's incredible to me. Time flies when you're having fun.

(Great picture by the way... you guys make a beautiful couple... and Christine, as a happily married man, allow me to say that your outer beauty is exceeded only by your inner beauty. I can say that without getting in trouble can't I?).


Songbird said...

I hope you'll have many more such happy anniversaries.

Jacklyn Hyde said...

That much time has passed since that incredibly beautiful day? Glad to know the beauty only increases. You give me hope for my own impending marriage.

"and vivian followed."

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