Monday, September 05, 2005

this weekend has been a lot of work

so the boston pobble came to visit on friday and should be going home today. except that by friday night i had a tickle in my throat and by saturday morning i had a fever and was miserable. i should have sent her home right then so that she wouldn't get sick too, but hubby had to drive to the airport (about an hour trip) to pick up my brother and sister in law who were coming to visit my parents. (if you remember, my mom wasn't doing so well for awhile and my brother lives many hours away.)

so, the pobble was taking care of me, bless her heart, and doing such a good job of it. and what do i give her for all her loving care? yes, she's sick now too. still asleep, hopefully getting better, so that she can go home today to visit the pooh on wednesday (her other niece). otherwise i will be filled with guilt and have to take time off from work so that i can drive her to new jersey.

yesterday in church, the assistant minister (a wonderful man) led the service for me. he even read my sermon and did a very good job of it. the first time i even spoke was during communion at the part called the great thanksgiving. it is a dialogue that begins: "the Lord be with you."

i took as big a breath as i could and began in what was the most eloquent frog voice i could manage. the response is supposed to be: "and also with you" which is what they said after looking at me with absolute shock and pity. i could have laughed, if it wouldn't have hurt so much, at their reaction.

fact is that i feel incredibly lucky to have such a congregation who was so willing to love me. the last couple of weeks has been a long list of one thing after another and they have never once found it an opportunity to "kick me when i'm down" something that often happened in my last call.

and i'm so grateful to the pobble, who has woken up feeling better, for taking care of me: making me tea and telling me to take naps.

and to my hubby (who hates when i get sick) but who takes care of me anyway... but more importantly who takes such wonderful care of our children. he is the best dad i know (next to my own dad.)

even the princess kitten who is 6 and clingly has given me space to heal.

so there it is... now i need to get moving with my day; have a happy labor day everyone and remember to say thank you to the people who mean something to you.


BostonPobble said...

Wouldn't have left even if you had tried to get me to leave. You're worth the flu. ;)

Jaded&Opinionated said...

I agree with the comment you left on my blog...too many people let too many things go, and now so many are left to suffer. All I can do is pray and send money and other donations.

Sorry you weren't feeling well! But I would have to nominate my own hubby as the greatest father ever! I have a 3 year old developmentally delayed daughter, and he is absolutely incredible with her.

"and vivian followed."

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