Friday, April 06, 2007

Holy Week

this week has gone by with tremendous speed. i've been waiting for the pobble to send me the pictures she took during my birthday weekend and i promise to post them as soon as i get them from her including the picture of the FANTASTIC shoes she bought me as a surprise while shopping at target.

already it is good friday. my next service is in 1 1/2 hours with the other local churches which means i have to shower soon and hope i can find a clean black clerical shirt to go with the white collar i wear. if not... at least i will be wearing a a robe to cover whatever i do find to wear.

last night was maundy thursday and it went fairly well. we do a foot washing to rmember when jesus washed his disciples' feet and i was surprised by the amount of people who came forward... more than i have ever had. maybe it was the sermon i preached... maybe it was the spirit. and we had 2 visitors... an odd thing for a service during holy week.

tomorrow the princess kitty, a friend, and i will make easter eggs and cupcakes with marshmellow bunnys for the 42 people who will be at easter dinner at my parents' house. right now my mother is frantically trying to finish cleaning and getting ready for said 42 people. it's supposed to be colder on easter than it was on christmas which means we will all be inside rather than out on the back deck like we usually are. ever had an intimate dinner with 41 other people?

well, now it is time to bathe and search for my pastor's costume.

God's peace y'all and blessings to you in this Holy Time!


BostonPobble said...

Such snideness does not suit you. :) Pictures are coming, I swear. Be sure to throw some of the marshmallow bunnies in the microwave just for a good time.

classi_college_dude said...

i don't know, that sermon certainly made me want to get my feet wached...

wishing wholeheartedly that i was have no idea...MT was just mediocre (went Episcopal) liturgy was VERY poorly attended...ah well, UniLu should make up for it tonight!

blessings and prayers!

dondon009 said...

Believe it or not.... this is the first year I've colored Easter eggs.... and I did them with my developmentally disabled clients.

What a wonderful time we had, and they truly found my clumsiness quite amusing.... hmmmmmmmmm

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter holiday!


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