Friday, April 27, 2007


one of the fun things about having the pobble and lithus visit was the deep, theological, social, and political discussions we found ourselves suddenly involved in at the kitchen table. i am a highly opinionated person and i will tell you those opinions freely, but somewhere in my upbringing and in my life experience i realize that i also have an ability to be in the middle and listen to both sides.

i have ultra conservative friends and ultra liberal friends... they aren't often friends with one another, but they are my friends and i will stand between them and with them. i am not always the best bridge because i am not a moderate (well, maybe on a few issues), but i try. ultimately i want justice done and that love thing that jesus talked about to occur between people who, like me, are highly opinionated.

maybe that's why this cartoon struck me this afternoon:

God's peace y'all

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classi_college_dude said...

ain't it da truth?

i find myself in said situations often...although even when standing in the middle i'm a little to the left of "center." but it's better than when i'm giving my opinion (which is so far left wing I've been told I'm standing outside looking in the window of the left wing).

great comic!

i'm coming home on the 9th...any requests from philly b4 i leave?

"and vivian followed."

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