Saturday, April 07, 2007


of all the nights in our calendar this is the holiest for christians. the vigil of easter marks the night that God did something amazing and miraculous, the most miraculous thing in fact. sometime this night Jesus rose from the dead, or so we believe. i consider it a truth... a reality. it might be unexplainable or impossible... but the truth of it is in my very soul. plenty of people try to disprove it, many discount it, and plenty would call me a fool for it. but it is because of what happened on this night some 2,000 years ago that my life is livable and purposeful and filled with hope and love.

whatever your faith... i hope you find the holy in this night... that it sweeps you up and fills you.

God's peace y'all

ps... this night happened because of yesterday (Good Friday). if you're interested in what i preached about that... look here. and now that i am done my easter sermon you can find that here.

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classi_college_dude said...

Beautiful Sermon! You know I appreciate it when you post 'em! Hope everything went well at your parents'...send them lots of my love (considering they sent me theirs)...

"and vivian followed."

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