Monday, April 23, 2007

weekend wonderful

the pobble brought lithus to meet the family this weekend and he had the honor of being the only person i have ever baked a pie for. (now i have baked pies before, but never for just one specific person.) we spent the majority of our time together eating really good food, enjoying a bottle of rum, and sitting by the fire bowl in our back yard or around the kitchen table talking life and religion and mostly laughing like crazy.

we got some good news, but it's still a secret so you'll have to wait to hear and NO, i am NOT pregnant.

last night we made s'mores after a dinner of pork loin wrapped in a sage wet-rub and bacon. as the pobble and hubby said, "i can do pig." here's a picture of the pobble's fuzzy pink slippers and the beautiful fire that toasted perfect marshmellows.

lithus is wonderful; we love him already! and since i consider the pobble my sister i can't say enough how happy i am for her. you want your friends to be happy and healthy and this is the relationship where she can be happy and healthy.

she also downloaded the pictures she took during my birthday weekend so here are my shoes. they were my b-day present from the pobble and i love them!

who doesn't need a pair of fabulous shoes?

God's peace y'all


dondon009 said...

I'm not certain if you should be wearing those shoes with your clerical garb..... the congregation might be taken a bit aback?????

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and I am so glad that the Pobble has found love and romance......

As for the "secret", I will be visiting more often now that you have my curiosity.



LRNs said...

ArrrggghhhH!!! "Secret"

If it's a secret, why are you even telling us it exists. If it's so important to share, share it If it so sensitive that you can't share it, don't even mention it!

Now I have proof, in writing, that you are evil!

Tom in Ontario said...

I will never understand how women can walk in heels like that.

BostonPobble said...

I know what the secret is. I know what the secret is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making Lithus feel as at home as you have always made me feel. I think I'll keep all of you.

"and vivian followed."

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